Trip to the Science Blast 2020

This year the senior pupils got the opportunity to complete a science investigation of their choice and present their results at the ESB Science Blast Show in the RDS.

As all the children love being active in school, the pupils decided to investigate whether height and age affects peoples’ running speed. They used lots of maths skills throughout their investigation as they measured everyone’s height and timed everyone running in the yard several times. All children and staff had fun running. After collecting the data, they analysed it and presented their findings. They discovered:

· The fastest runner was not the oldest or the tallest person.

· The slowest runner was the youngest and the shortest pupil.

· The adults were all taller than the 5th & 6th Class pupils however some of the adults ran slower than the 5th and 6th Class pupils.

The children concluded that peoples’ height and age does not affect their running speed, as there are many other factors to consider too, such as diet, fitness levels, weight and quality of sleep.

On Wednesday 4th March, the senior pupils travelled to the RDS, Dublin to showcase their findings at the ESB Science Blast. They were well prepared as they had already shared their project with the junior pupils. The children took turns telling people about their science investigation at the RDS. The judges were very impressed by their use of technology to record and present data. The pupils explored many stands to discover what other schools chose to investigate. They also enjoyed watching an interesting science show. Such a fantastic experience. Well done everyone

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