Physical Activities 

All classes in our school are taught five of the six strands of the PE curriculum each year. The six strands are: Aquatics, Athletics, Games, Dance, Gymnastics and Outdoor and Adventure.

Since undertaking the Active School Flag, the school has created a standardised PE timetable for the school year so that all classes are taught the same strand at the same time. The standardised PE timetable ensures a balanced amount of teaching time to these strands throughout the school year.

The plan highlights the PSSI lesson plans to guide teachers in their planning of PE. The PSSI lessons have been made easily accessible for all teachers to use.

The school plan also ensures that PE is discussed with parents at PT meetings and feedback is included in the annual school report.

Class PE Timetable

Physical Education is allocated 1 hour per week of overall teaching time. In November, the Active Schools Committee checked that every class has 60 minutes PE time in their timetable. They confirmed that all classes were timetabled for 60 minutes a week. All classes opted for two 30 minutes slots. Discretionary time is also used towards PE.

Active Break Every Day Challenge

 We were very eager to get our Active School Flag initiatives up and running this year. So for the month of February  we are participating in a challenge in which every class will engage in an activity for a few minutes everyday. These activities will involve going on a walk or run around the school, showing off our dance moves and trying to compete with Joe Wicks and other fitness coaches.   Many classes used Go Noodle for dance breaks and some classes ran a mile to meet their challenge.  As you can see from the photos, each class got off to a great start and are really enjoying the challenge. Stay tuned for more Active School Flag initiatives.

Here is a slideshow of all the fun we are having.


Run Around Ireland Challenge

As part of working towards our Active School Renewal Flag, we will be taking part in the Run around Ireland Challenge which will last for 4 weeks. Each class has been given an allotted time to go running every day. Our challenge is to run to a variety of different locations/landmarks in Ireland collectively as a  class e.g. Carrowkeel Passage Tombs Co. Sligo, Doon Fort Co. Donegal, Titantic Museum Belfast and so many more.
Each week the number of laps will be added up to see where we run to.