All classes participate in Physical Education classes for at least 1 hour per week. The strands covered are athletics, games, dance, orienteering and swimming. In addition to PE classes children receive outside tuition in yoga for a series of 12 sessions per year and also in GAA skills 6 sessions a year.

This year we decided to concentrate on the games strand. We get GAA coaching every year but decided to explore other games. One of our parents gave a series of cricket workshops and we played with our partner school Ballaghameehan in Rossinver. We decided to learn the game basketball and invested in portable basketball hoops and new basketballs. We also learned new games in PE in the senior room and the playground leaders taught these games to the junior classes at breaktime.

Both teachers attended workshops in Move Well Move Often run by the PDST.

Physical Education - Cricket
PE Storage -Thanks to 5th class boys for keeping it so organised